Planned Giving

Planning Ahead--Making a Tradition of Give: Peter and Sally Kelly

Kellys "Estate planning is a pain in the neck," says Saint Mary's alumnus Peter Kelly. "We have put it off, and it was time to update our plans. Our family had grown up over the years, and our assets and life had matured. It was time to think about our lives and what was meaningful to us now."

Peter is a former chairman of Saint Mary's Board of Trustees, who currently sits on the Board's Executive Committee. He is proud of the accomplishments of the Board during his tenure, including the renovation of numerous campus landmarks, including Filippi Academic Hall, the Oliver Hall dining facilities, the McKeon Pavilion lobby and Haggerty Lounge. He also has been involved as a trustee with the College's accreditation process and has served on the Board's Development Committee, helping to set fundraising priorities.

When asked about his days as a student at Saint Mary's, Peter described it as a "wonderful experience," where they "teach you how to think." While Peter has found himself in the world of business for his career, he credits his liberal arts education and Seminar days as keys to his success. Learning how the mind works helped him to "create a lucid thought" and then to go on "to make a living in this world."

Along with a strong tradition of family (the Kellys have eight children and 10 grandchildren, including Peter Jr., who also is a Gael), Peter and Sally have made it a tradition to give back to institutions they believe in, such as Saint Mary's, with its educational mission and deep Lasallian tradition. And just as Peter is active with the College's volunteer leadership, Sally has played an instrumental role with Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a fundraiser, docent and enthusiastic cheerleader for the past 25 years. True to their beliefs, Peter and Sally have made commitments through their trust to support both Saint Mary's and Children's Hospital. While they considered making a bequest to support something specific at the College, they instead have provided funds for the "highest need and best use" for the College. Though their gift will come years down the road, they know that the College will use their contribution for its most pressing needs at the time.

Peter says making a planned gift or bequest is an easy way to give back, which also serves to broaden the base of support for the College. With many alumni and friends making similar commitments, a new wave of gifts will serve to support future generations of students and ensure the future of Saint Mary's well beyond its first 150 years.

Please consider joining the Kellys by including Saint Mary's College in your estate plans. For more information on what best fits your individual needs and objectives, contact Douglas D. Hansen at (925) 631-4218 or visit